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Tiny seeds, big benefits..!

sesame adds a nutritious twist to your everyday meals.

Our Infrastructure

Warehousing Facilities:
We possess sizable space and well built warehouse to stock and store raw material.

Anti Contaminant Equipments:
Drum Sieve, Pre-Cleaner, Rotor-Shifter, Vibro Separator, Gravity Classifier, Destoners, Vibro Screens, Air Aspirators and Optical Sorting Machines by Buhler, London.

Ventilation and Natural Lighting/Hygiene:
Proper ventilation’s are furnished where needed and windows for natural lighting throughout the factory premises. Proper hand washing facilities are in place.

Environmental Care/Business Principle We comply by all National/State Environment guidelines and have statutory environmental treatment unit installed.

We are operating the ETP continuously to treat the effluents to meet the Board Standards. Our industry shall not cause any air/water/odor pollution problems to the surrounding environment.


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All marketers believe that a quality product will speak for itself. But we at Sri Sudha Sesamum Agro Foods and Exports Pvt Ltd. strongly believe that customer satisfaction as equally important as product quality, design and technology development in boosting sales

Product Specification

Mechanically Hulled Auto Dried Optically Sorted
Purity: 99.98%- 99.99%
Moisture: Less than 4%
FFA: Less than1%
Oil Content: 50%Min

Economics Of Industry

India is the 2nd largest producer of Sesame Seed in the world with a normal average crop of about 540 Thousand Tons (0.54 million tons).The total area under cultivation for Sesame in India is about 1650 Thousand hectare overall

International Markets and Demand Pattern

USA, Holland, Germany, Greece, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Middle Eastern economies have traditionally been regular and bigger importers from India. However with changing trends over the past few years China has turned itself as a net consumer and has been buying from India when its crop is below normal.

"Market Study + Timely sharing Information + Decision Making = Profit Collaboration"

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